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Mission, Vision, Value and Goal Statements

Mission: Francis Howell Union High School will help students to overcome 
obstacles, assist students in graduating from high school and equip students to 
succeed in a post-secondary environment.

Vision: Francis Howell Union High School is a supportive learning community 
committed to excellence that promotes communication, collaboration, critical 
thinking skills and creativity.

Values: In order to advance our shared vision of an exemplary alternative 
learning environment, we will: 
• Provide an inviting school environment for students—an environment with 
clear expectations, consistent consequences, and specific articulated 
academic goals.
• Help all students achieve the intended outcomes of the curriculum by 
addressing their individual needs and learning styles.
• Collaborate with one another and our students so that we can achieve our 
collective goals more effectively.
• Demonstrate our commitment to ongoing professional development and 
continuous school improvement.
• Promote a positive school climate by modeling the qualities and 
characteristics that we hope to instill in our students.
• Involve parents in the education of their student by keeping them informed 
of student progress, attendance and behaviors and offering suggestions 
for assisting their students. 

Goal Statements: The primary responsibility of Francis Howell Union High School 
is to assist students in overcoming barriers that might have caused them not to 
graduate from high school. Associated with this responsibility, Francis Howell 
Union High School will provide high quality instruction and nurture an 
enthusiasm for learning so each student will:

• Want to attend high school on a regular basis.
• Improve skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, math and 
determining their career opportunities.
• Develop self-discipline, responsibility and self-concept.
• Develop compassion for others and courteous behavior.
• Develop a healthy respect for authority and the ability to live in a changing 
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   Great by Eight Volunteer Training
   Sep 22 2014 at 01:00 PM
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   Sep 24 2014
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   Sep 26 2014
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   Oct 01 2014
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   Oct 09 2014 at 07:00 PM
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